The Story Behind Belcor

Who we are

Belcor has been inspired by over 25 years of experience and passion in the home building and renovation industry. Since the Simcoe County Second Suites program has come into effect, Chris Bell has decided to dedicate his focus on renovations and the the construction of basement apartments in Barrie. This has allowed Belcor to specialize in what they do best and become the renovation experts in Barrie. By specializing, they are able to streamline their systems and techniques in order to obtain the highest level of efficiency when it comes to your basement renovations in Barrie.

Belcor has assembled a very highly skilled team of specialists. Their attention to detail and immaculate quality of workmanship guarantee your renovation will withstand the test of time. Not only is their workmanship something to be admired, but their knowledge is second to none. This proves true when it comes to permits, building code and fire regulations.

These are very important aspects to consider when choosing the right contractor for your renovation or second suites in Barrie. Quality and knowledge of these important topics will not only save time and money upfront when it comes to obtaining permits and submitting architectural drawings, but it will ensure the job is done professionally.

Chris Bell, the owner of Belcor, has a vast array of experience and knowledge beginning over 25 years. To illustrate why Belcor is the top choice for your renovation in Barrie, here is his story and timeline of all of the work experience Chris has accomplished.

How It All Began

In 1994 while Chris was employed with a local hydro company, he began working on small projects on the side. These jobs included small renovations, decks and fences. This is what ultimately peaked his interest that lead him to the opportunity he has created today with Belcor.

In 1995, the opportunity arose for Chris to be able to build his first house in Wasaga Beach and it didn’t stop there. He continued to gain valuable experience and knowledge by building seven more homes in the next four years. This is when he knew where his passion was. By the time 1999 came around, has career in home building exploded. People began to see his quality and knowledge which ultimately lead to the exponential growth of his career. Over the next two years alone, Chris was able to complete 18 home builds in a subdivision just outside of Barrie. Little did he know, this was only the tip of the iceberg. By this time, with his knowledge and experience, he was able to streamline his process which created a very efficient home building system.

What happened next only goes to show the true experience and trusted workmanship that he has established. Over the next five years his business grew over 4 times in size leading him to complete around 80 home builds within two subdivisions in Barrie. Every home was built ground up with the same efficient systems and quality that people loved. These homes were built in two very prestigious neighbourhoods in Barrie: Country Club Estates and Lakeview Estates, which go to boast the true sense of pride and quality of every project he undertakes.

From this point on, Chris expanded into various areas in the construction industry along with home building. He began to bring his home building quality into peoples existing home by offering renovations and additions that ultimately lead to increased value of peoples homes. As well as renovations he began to beautify and flip older homes and worked on building his personal rental portfolio. During this time he also continued to build homes in and outside of Barrie as well as showcase homes such as the one at 1 Kempenfelt Drive. Along with building homes he took on other projects such as full subdivision development of land, hydro, roads, and regulations, insurance and commercial renovations, as well as charity work for Habitat for Humanity.

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Where We Are Today

With this brief history, we are able to see the extensive knowledge and experiences that makes Chris and Belcor  your number one choice to ensure your project is done right the first time. As an investor, as well as a builder, this is an area that hit home with him. Along with general home renovations, he also decided to dedicate his time to helping families not only create more space and usable room in their home, but to be able to create a passive income to help against the rising costs of living. For him, being able to continue with his passion while being dedicated to helping people like you generate income was a win-win situation for everyone. What most people don’t realize when adding a Second Suite is that it provides value in three ways, not only one. 

This is the story behind Belcor Basements and what makes them the number once choice when deciding to renovate your home in Barrie!!