Second Suites (Legal Duplex) and Basements in Barrie

Second Suite (Legal Duplex) Conversions

Ever since Barrie Council approved a policy in 2015 allowing the construction of Two-unit houses defined by the City of Barrie as: “A two-unit house is one that contains two separate dwelling units. Commonly, a two-unit house starts as a single dwelling unit (detached, semi-detached or townhouse) with a second dwelling unit later created (sometimes referred to as a second suite, in-law suite, or basement apartment)

A legal duplex is a great way to generate extra income and increase the overall resale value of your home. Belcor has focused largely on the regulations, building codes, and all other aspects of legal duplex conversions in Barrie. Belcor’s experience and knowledge of legal duplex conversions in Barrie ensures that your project is done to meet all regulations and safety guidelines allowing you the peace of mind knowing it will be done properly and last a lifetime.

Belcor Basements Legal duplex second suite basement apartment remodel finishing contractor
Basement and Second Suite Legal Duplex contractor in the Barrie area

Basement Renovations

A basement renovation is a great way to increase the overall usable space in your home. A basement can provide many different options suited to each individual homeowner. Many popular ideas include multimedia dens, man caves, exersize and gym areas, bars, and other unique basement arrangements. If you have an idea for a dream room our team of experts and designers will work with you to make your idea come to life.

With Belcor’s experience in basements renovations in Barrie you will be walked through the whole process from getting your idea designed and permits submitted to the construction and warrenty items after the project is completed. We invite you to give our team a call today for a FREE Consultation to discuss your project and idea furhter.